These hats are handmade for your event in a variety of colors and prints depending on your theme. Your guests will choose one of these hats to decorate.
These are additional items you can have your guests decorate. They can be corrdinated to match hats or used alone.
We have many set-up and display options depending on the theme and size of your event.
Decorated Hats
Include decorated hats in your kit to inspire your guests and give some a head start with the decorating. These are decorated pieces that we have made for previous events to give you an idea of our range and quality. Since these are handmade by our artists, no two pieces are ever the same.
Basic Fascinators
Small hairpieces that the ladies can decorate or wear as is. They come in seven basic styles and are easily worn with either a headband or comb.
Basic Hat Styles
Decorated Fascinators
Each of these decorated fascinators have been designed by our artsts to be unique pieces of art. They come in endless styles and shapes and are ready to adorn your ladies' hair.
Event Types
Hats, etc...
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